PR Booking

PR Booking Service is the abbreviation for Booking Public Relations, it is the form of posting articles promoting businesses products/ services on press and media channels.

Create strong relationships between businesses and the community

Beneficial factors of PR Booking

  • PR Booking on websites, and social media in short as PR posts help you escalate your customer’s trust & loyalty with affordable plans. Setting proof points for your brand presence when published in major news sites.
  • Boosting your client’s trust by shaping business brand social proof through our posts on publication agencies
  • Assist in promoting the brand to different client flies, forming brand recognition for your businesses as well as your products effectively.
  • Promoting the chance for each release to get on top search while accelerating your webs traffic
  • Through advertisement insights, we help businesses to track and analyze shifting trends around your customers with your branded products to pave a better business orientation in the future transnational trade.

Press PR article

PR articles will be published in newspapers and magazines. This includes e-newspaper, television newspapers, and print newspapers.

ADS Banner

As per request, the customer can choose to place their banner on the e-newspaper, these banners are usually placed above the headline or below the publication website.

Advertising page in a print newspaper

This is a way of communication in the print press where a page in the newspaper will be used to display advertising images for your business.

Video posts on websites

This is a new structure that combines e-newspaper and video formats.